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First, thank you for taking the time to read about our overhead garage door innovation idea that we like to call the “Wilson Door”. Simply put, the “Wilson Door” allows the top panels of a garage door (or single panel) to go up the rails while the bottom panels remain on the ground.

Since we've started sharing the idea with others, people have started to come up with different uses and the uses are limitless.

3D Mockup.jpg

Our Story

Necessity is the mother of all creation.

The idea for the Wilson Door started in the summer of 2018 working in my garage on a hot summer day. My dogs were on a leash playing in the garage because I didn’t want them running into the street. I felt bad because they had to be on a leash and I just wanted my dogs to be able to move freely in the garage without running into the street. So, I did like most DIY people do and checked for a garage door option that would keep the bottom panels down with only the top half open. To my surprise, there was nothing. 

So I decided to create and design a system that could use the existing garage door panels. At the time, I had recently graduated with my mechanical engineering degree and could create, design, and build a proof of concept. So I did.

Image by Nikita Kachanovsky

Mission Statement

Tomorrow Starts Now

As a startup, our mission is to bring our patent-pending technology to market. Yes, we filed a patent for the rights to our idea.

The Wilson Door is an innovation in the garage door industry and numerous other applications. We have successfully created and built a working, real-life proof of concept and a full-scale prototype.

Please complete our Survey, follow us on your favorite social media platform, and join our mailing list to stay informed as well as support our mission to bring the Wilson Door to market.

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